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Welcome to my blog where I hope to share some great ideas about fashion and shopping. Most of us have limited budgets for our shopping habit and I love to find bargains and often do in the most unlikely places! Simple clothes can look great with the right accessories and shoes, so be bold with your choices, try different things out and have lots of fun.

Shopping For The Perfect Gift Online

Increasingly more people each year are uncovering how satisfying it is to do their gift shopping from the comfort of their computer terminal. No more defending parking spaces in the shopping centre, or carrying heavy parcels to your automobile. With some cautious planning you can do your whole gift shopping without even leaving your workplace or your home, at a time that a lot of fits you.


By shopping for presents online you are expanding the choice of gifts offered in your home town. You might stay in the mid-West, but this does not stop you from purchasing gifts from the most sophisticated stores in NY – at least those which have an online presence. Or, go continue to afield and purchase a genuinely unique handcrafted present from abroad. These exotic craft gifts will certainly be really valued by the recipient as they reveal that you have actually taken the time out to search for a truly fitting gift. Does your buddy want Australia – then look out for some initial Aboriginal art. Or, is your mother-in-law enthusiastic about the Bible – then you can get her a unique gift hand crafted in the Holy Land.

Here are some suggestions to help you with your on-line gift shopping:.


See to it that the store is legitimate, this is important to remain secure online. Do they have a telephone number and a physical address provided on their site? Try buzzing the telephone number to make certain that it is manned. Is it addressed in a professional manner? Or, if you are responded to by an answer phone, does somebody get back to you promptly? If you favour, send an online enquiry – how swiftly is it replied to? Did you receive a conventional feedback? Or did a customer service agent put in the time to read your query and address you personally? If you cannot get good customer care, prior to making a purchase it is unlikely that you will get it after parting with your hard made money.


Have a look at the return policies, in case you or the recipient wishes to return the gift.


Study the item thoroughly before buying it. You can make use of among the online price comparison sites to make sure that you are getting the very best offer. Obviously if you are buying unique handmade presents, then you will certainly not be able to do this – however here the Internet offers you can benefit by permitting you to discover gifts that are not available near house. You can make use of a search engine to find lots of unique online items in stores that are in English and the rates are estimated are in pounds. If the establishment does utilize a regional currency, then there are lots of online currency converters to assist you exercise its cost in pounds, and you can spend for these gifts with your charge card.


Remember to take into account shipping and handling costs. Numerous shops will give totally free shipping over a certain amount, so you could wish to settle your present shopping to take advantage of this. By buying out of state, you are conserving sales taxes, so this can offset the cost of shipping.


Internet shoppingRemember to order in advance so that there is adequate shipping time and to stay clear of needing to spend for pricey over-night shipping. You can have the present sent out straight to the recipient if you are not able to provide it in person. Do not forget to discuss this when you order, so that the recipient does not get the invoice with their gift.


Most online stores offer a gift wrapping service for a small extra fee. If this service is not mentioned, do ask, remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.


Try to find a safe and secure internet site when buying online. Once you have chosen your products and you have chosen to ” look into” you need to be required to a safe and secure website. You can tell that the website is safe as the URL will begin with “https” instead of “http”. This means that your credit card details is safe and will certainly not be jeopardized. If you are still not convinced, many online boutique will let you send your order online then will certainly call you to obtain your credit card details or enable you to send them by fax.


Once you have placed your order, it is more effective to print out a record of the order, of if this is not possible then save the information on your computer system in a folder identified “shopping”. This will help you follow up if your order does not arrive and you need to follow up with the shop.

Buying Fashionable Shoes Online

Time is  valuable.  Seeing the high street takes time. Online shoe shopping  conserves time. Currently there is an endless  option of shoes for a  lady to choose from, some at  extremely  inexpensive  rates. There  actually  cannot be any reason why a  female  cannot make herself feel  incredible by treating her feet with the  latest!

Shoes can  frequently be  bought at  less costly  costs by  searching the  internet and  purchasing shoes online. All the shoe colors, designers,  designs and types are lright at your fingertips. The experience is  much more pleasureable and  simpler than  combating at theparking lot and trawling around the  stores often only to see that you aren’t able to find  exactly what you are  searching for. Womens Shoes shopping online  provides  a lot choice,  fast access to online shoe  shops and designers that  do not often  showcase in stores on your doorstep or even in a town near by, a leisurely shopping experience and also lets you to check prices in more detail.  Never ever  ignore the power of womens shoe shopping on the internet.

Right here is a basic guide and some points to  consider when you  have to  purchase womens shoes online:.

Make certain You Know Your Shoe Size.

It’s  absolutely best to have an  concept of  exactly what size your feet are  prior to you start  searching in order to speed up the process. Know your size for both UK, US and the European sizes.

Strategy Ahead.

Plan ahead if you are  buying shoes on the internet as delivery times  might be different from  store to shop. Lack of forward  preparing will  unavoidably result in  additional costs for a  quick  shipping. If the shoe is for a  unique  celebration it is even  more crucial that you think ahead when buying off the  web.

Have an Idea What You  Wished to Purchase.

It  works to have an  concept of what type of shoe you are  trying to find  will certainly  assist  accelerate your  acquiring experience on the internet. Be  exact about the  kind of color, designer, shoe type and the  nation you are searching in.  Including these criteria to your search  will certainly  assist the  online search engine to  much better match your  option. If you are  simply  searching then you can make the search more general.  When you have made your search you  must then have a list of  sellers from which to start  searching to make your  selection.  The majority of the shoe retailers  will certainly  provide  brand-new shoes. The benefit of this is that they will  usually have the shoe of your  option in stock in your shoesize,  nevertheless if you are  searching for a  less costly option don’t forget about shoe auction sites as you can  commonly bag a  deal at far below the  normal  list price, this applies  specifically to designer shoes … makig  quotes online can  commonly be fun  likewise …  specifically if you win!

Take a look at the Retailers Delivery and Returns PolicyBefore you Commit.

Since you can’t try the shoes on at the point of sale, when you  have actually browsed the  merchants of your  selection and  selected ensure you  know their returns and  shipment policy, this  puts on auctioned  products also. Many online shoe  stores offer FOC  shipment, or if not then foc over a  particular purchase  quantity.  Numerous retailers also offer  complimentary returns  must the shoes not fit  appropriately. If they  do not  provide free returns it  could be worthwhile  thinking about  buying the shoes because of the  trouble of not having to tramp the high street.

See to it That Payment is Made Over a Secure Connection.

High heel Looking into online has  never ever been  simpler  nowadays. You can open a PayPal account which means you  do not have to input credit card  information over the net. PayPal is  thought about one of the most  protected  approaches of payment online.  Examine  likewise that the page that opens for the  deal starts with’ [https: / /.]‘ as this  suggests that you are using a  protected connection.  Know also that many online  sellers don’t  typically deliver to an address other than that  revealed on the billing details of the credit card.

Testing the Shoes Out When They Arrive.

When your shoes have been  provided then  ensure you  attempt them on  later on in the day as feet  have the tendency to swell a bit towards the end of the day.  Use them around the  house. Avoid going outside until you are  positive that the shoes are  healthy you  properly. If you are unsure about them then send them back as this  will certainly  avoid you feet, and your wallet  lots of aches and pains! Do  ensure that you return the shoes within the  defined  timespan after  shipment.

If you  take down the above tips then your online shoe  getting experience  must be a much more  gratifying experience.

How to choose your perfect wedding dress

cc wedding gown

copyright Caroline Castigliano

Finding the ideal dress for your wedding is one of the most important shopping expeditions you will ever make. You may have been inspired by magazines, websites and even dresses you have seen at other weddings, all giving you an idea of how your perfect dress will look. Once you have tried on some dresses you will have a clearer idea of what will best suit you and your wedding, allowing you to find that dream dress. So how do you begin the process?

What’s your wedding style?

The type of dress you choose will be influenced at least in part by the type of wedding you are having. A large church wedding is likely to be a more formal affair than a mid-week registry office do. You may want to keep things quite traditional, choosing a long white dress complete with train, tiara and veil. Alternatively, shorter Fifties-style vintage dresses are a fabulous option for a less conventional wedding. Although white, ivory or cream are popular colour choices, there are plenty of other shades that can also look stunning. Dark red and purples make a dramatic statement whilst pale pinks and soft peaches can look very pretty. The time of year of your marriage may also affect your dress choice. At a winter wedding you might consider a long heavy dress with a bolero or shrug to keep your shoulders warm, whilst for a beach wedding in a tropical location, a simple shorter dress in a lightweight fabric might be your preferred option.

What makes you feel good?

On your wedding day you want to look your best, and that means also ensuring you feel your best. The perfect dress will emphasise your finest features and minimise any that you are less happy with. For example, if you are uncomfortable exposing your shoulders, opt for a dress with cap sleeves. Sheer long floaty sleeves are ideal if you are self-conscious about your arms and look enchantingly pretty. If you have a slim waist, emphasise this with a corset or wrap-style dress to show off your figure. A ballerina-style prom dress will skim over your hips and make the most of your legs. If you would prefer a looser fitting dress over your stomach, empire-lines dresses that flow from under the bust are a sophisticated option. Choosing a dress that you feel comfortable in will allow you to feel confident about how you look and make you feel utterly gorgeous.

Style and comfort

The perfect dress needs not only to look good but also be practical for extended wear. A typical wedding can last up to twelve hours so you need to be comfortable in your dress for long periods of time. Tightly-boned corsetry may look stunning whilst you are standing up but make sure that it is also comfortable when you are sitting. You don’t want to be fidgeting throughout the speeches and wedding breakfast because parts of your dress are pinching or digging into your skin. A dress with a very long train will look stunning as you walk down the aisle but is less practical when you want to dance well into the night, so ensure you can loop the back of your dress up securely for ease of movement. You may well also need to enlist the help of a friend for bathroom breaks. Alternatively, wear a formal traditional dress for the ceremony and meal, changing into a different outfit for your evening reception.

Practical considerations

Whilst shopping for a wedding dress is an emotional experience and you will know when you have found your perfect outfit, there are practical considerations too. Decide on a budget before you begin to shop so you do not waste time and energy on dresses that will not fit in with these constraints. If you are planning your wedding within a very short timescale, you will need to bear in mind that some dresses can take several months to create. Discuss your requirements with your dress designer or retailer to ensure your needs can be met. Think too about any other factors that need to be taken into consideration. For example, do you also intend to incorporate any family heirlooms such as a treasured tiara or veil into your wedding outfit? The style of these may have an impact on the type of dress that you choose.

Keep an open mind

You may have a very clear idea of what you want your dress to look like but it is worth bearing in mind that many people actually end up buying a dress that is quite different to the one they had pictured. You may have your heart set on a particular type of dress only to find that when you try it on, it doesn’t quite feel right. Similarly you may have dismissed a style as not being to your taste but might find that it is actually extremely flattering. Try a broad range of shapes and styles before making a decision as you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. Taking friends or family members with you when you dress shop can be a good idea as they can offer an alternative perspective and suggest options you may not have even considered.

Choosing the perfect dress for your wedding is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding. It can be an emotional experience but one that is ultimately very rewarding. Follow these tips to simplify the process and make sourcing your wedding outfit as easy as possible. This will allow you to enjoy preparing for your special day knowing you will look and feel fantastic.

Keep Your Details Safe When Shopping Online

Online shopping has become very popular and more people are using their mobile devices to browse and buy online. This is great for consumers, great for the online shops but can also be great for crooks. As we saw recently, there have been a number of high profile ecommerce sites who have had their security breached, in particular from the heartbleed bug which managed to find its way into a lot of very prominent companies websites. Ensuring you remain safe whilst shopping online is vital and there are a few basic rules that you should follow every time you shop. First, make sure that in the address bar there is a padlock and that the first part of the address reads ‘https’, the ‘s’ being the important part as it means it is a secure site. Never click on links from emails of unknown origins, especially if it looks a bit strange or they are trying to get you to part with your hard earned cash. Never use an unsecure wi-fi connection, always use a secure connection which is encrypted and if you must use a public computer, do not save your username and password to the computer. Often the best bargains can be found on the internet but keeping your financial and personal information safe is essential so do be security concious.


Millions of eBay users have had their details stolen by hackers, following the biggest criminal raid ever carried out online.

The personal details of 15million users in the UK have been compromised following the data hack, which was several months ago but revealed just this week.

eBay has warned all users to urgently change their passwords to protect their details.

Breach: As many as 15 million eBay users in the UK may have had their data compromised following the hack

Breach: As many as 15 million eBay users in the UK may have had their data compromised following the hack


But what can hackers do with your personal details if they have been stolen? And is there anything you can do about it?

What can hackers do with your personal details?

eBay users breathed a collective sigh of relief when the online shopping platform claimed that its sister company PayPal had not been affected by the hack.

They reassured customers that this meant hackers would not have access to their financial details, only their personal information.

But data security experts have warned that personal details are far more valuable to hackers than credit card details – and the loss of personal information could have far-reaching consequences.

‘If a hacker has your credit card details, they can use them to shop online and perhaps sell them online – there is a black market for these details,’ says Mohamed Zouine, director of corporate development at identity protection specialists Ground Labs.

‘But if a hacker has your name, address, date of birth, national insurance number – this type of information – they can commit ID fraud and get money from you in many other ways.

Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2637344/What-eBay-hackers-data-personal-info-valuable-fraudsters-credit-card-details.html#ixzz34zt6shHu

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How To Have Great Clothes On A Budget

With today’s economy being as it is, household budgets are being stretched and stretched making it very difficult for anyone interested in fashion to stay current without breaking the bank. Flicking through the glossy magazines will make you think that there is no such thing as economic downturn however, I have some great ideas to help you make your already stretched budget go a little bit further.

When shopping, go through the clearance racks, you can often get some real bargains here particularly for basic items such as jeans, tee shirts, tops, jumpers and jackets. The trick Fashion shopping - Two Happy woman choose sale clotheswith shopping in sales rails is to be patient and think ahead. Go shopping for your summer apparel at the end of June as this is when the summer stock is being cleared for the autumn and winter clothes. As summer is only just beginning, you will still get plenty of wear out of your new wardrobe.

Second hand clothes are often overlooked but you can find some real gems for a fraction of their retail price. Charity shops usually have a great choice of clothes in a variety of sizes, all of which will be in excellent condition but again, you need to be patient and be prepared to visit quite a lot of shops. When you do find something you like, do check it thoroughly for snags or damage and try it on.

Don’t just buy something because it is in a sale and has a huge discount. You need to remember that the point of such sales is to get rid of old stock and an impulse buy of a garment could be a waste of money particularly if it is a specific design or colour associated with a certain year. Remember that classics never go out of fashion and buying simple designs will be a good investment.

Accessories really can breathe new life into an outfit or make a basic outfit look more classy. Ladies could add a pretty scarf, some jewellery or a hat. Gentlemen might have a selection of belts, ties or a couple of pairs of sunglasses. Belts are a great accessory, they come in such a variety of styles, designs and colours that you can totally transform an outfit for either men or women.

If you are investing in an expensive piece of clothing, do consider the cost per wear. There is nothing wrong with choosing to buy an expensive garment but if you are only going to wear it once or twice, is it really worth the expense? It all depends upon what it is, if it is a wedding outfit then that is different to splashing out the same amount on a pair of leather trousers that you might only wear now and again. It is all about balance and choosing a few expensive pieces to create a capsule wardrobe can be money well spent when you consider that you could wear those clothes regularly and jazz them up with some great accessories. It is generally best to avoid unusual or very trendy clothes when you have a tight budget. Such clothing tends to either not be worn very often or is dated after one season whereas the more classic designs can be worn year after year.

I hope this has given you a few ideas on finding great clothes on a limited budget. Just because you don’t have pots of money does not mean you cannot be well dressed!